REMINDER TOMORROW: Library workshop: Who wrote that?

Dear Clarkson Students,

The Clarkson University Libraries workshops series will continue with Who wrote that? Being wary on the web Tuesday, Nov. 2 at 5pm via Zoom

Description: Historically only the wealthy had the ability to create and disseminate information, but in today’s more participatory culture we can all contribute to the creation and spread of information. Citizen journalism, citizen science, and the rise of blogging and other less centralized and controlled sources of information have created a whole new landscape of resources. But how do we know which resources we can rely on? This workshop will look at how to evaluate sources we find on the web to be a skeptical – and wise – consumer of information.  

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Other workshops will include: 

  • Is it shareworthy? Becoming a more sophisticated social media user, Tues, Nov. 16 at 5pm

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Lisa Hoover & Amber Dashnaw

Public Services Librarians 

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