Reminder, C3S2 Seminar Today Friday April 22nd


The Clarkson Center for Complex Systems Science

Rajarshi Roy

University of Maryland, College Park

Will present a talk entitled:

Seeing the Light: Waves and Photons, Complexity and Randomness

Abstract: Seeing the light is no simple task – it is accomplished with a complex system consisting of our eyes and brain, which we are only beginning to understand in a rudimentary way.  This is certainly good news – there is so much interesting science left to do and so many interesting discoveries to make, experimentally and theoretically.   We will look at a few examples to illustrate these points, the highly interdisciplinary nature of the problems, and tools needed to begin to unravel them.   We will  describe experiments to probe the transition from randomness to determinism in an optoelectronic feedback system with time delays,  progressing from detecting macroscopic light fields to detecting single photons..  An application is that of generating random numbers from light.


Friday April 22, 2022

12:00 pm


C3S2 Clarkson Center for Complex Systems Science l

CLARKSON UNIVERSITY  l  Potsdam, New York 13699-5720

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