Message from President Collins & President-Elect Christensen: Interim Provost Dr. Goodarz Ahmadi

Clarkson Community,

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that we announce that Dr. Goodarz Ahmadi has been appointed as Interim Provost, effective June 12.

In soliciting input from across campus, Goodarz was recommended by many. The nominations mention his extensive experience, the high regard in which he is held, and his helpful nature. One nominator remarked that Goodarz “Is Clarkson to the core and would have [the university’s] best interests at heart. He is pretty much universally liked and respected across the campus, so he would be a good consensus person.”

Goodarz joined the faculty of Clarkson in 1982. He has serviced the University in numerous capacities, including Vice Provost for Research, Dean of Engineering, Co-Director of the Clarkson Center for Air Resources Engineering and Science, Board Member for the Center for Advanced Materials Processing (CAMP), Associate Dean of Engineering for Research and Graduate Studies and Chair of the Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering. 

In 2001, Goodarz was the first professor to be awarded the title of “Clarkson Distinguished Professor,” which recognizes tenured professors whose accomplishments well exceed the requirements for promotion to the rank of full professor. He was also honored with the Robert R. Hill ’48 Professorship in Mechanical Engineering. The professorship was established through a $1 million endowment created from a generous gift from Robert and Mildred Hill and matching funds.

Goodarz is internationally known for his numerous engineering and scientific research contributions and has authored more than 750 papers in journals, in addition to three books and more than 1280 papers in national and international conference proceedings. He has also given more than 190 keynote lectures and invited seminars worldwide. He is on the editorial advisory board of thirteen technical journals and is a fellow of ASME, ISME, ISCE, ASTFE and IAAM.

He was the recipient of the 1996 ASME Freeman Scholar Award in Fluid Mechanics and the ASME Fluid Engineering 90th Anniversary Medal.  He is also a member of Clarkson Multi-Million-Dollar Club (2006) and received the Clarkson Life Time Research Achievement Award (2015). In addition, he was inducted into Phalanx (2015) and received the Phalanx Commendable Leadership Award  (2015).

Goodarz was the recipient of the Clarkson University Distinguished Teaching Award (1988), University Outstanding Advisor Award (1986, 1988, 2002), and Pi Tau Sigma Distinguished Faculty Teaching Award (1984, 1986, 1988, 1990, 2021).

Goodarz holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Tehran University in Iran, a master’s degree in civil engineering from Purdue University, and a doctoral degree in mechanical engineering from Purdue. Prior to his tenure at Clarkson, he was Dean of Engineering at Shiraz University in Iran.

Please join us in congratulating Goodarz on this interim appointment and thanking him for his willingness to serve.

Anthony G. Collins        

Marc P. Christensen

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