Clarkson School Student Important Updates & Upcoming Events

Important Dates

  • Orientation is approaching quickly! View the full orientation schedule at 
  • Move-in Day: Take a look at your move-in date based on your assigned Residence Hall!
    • Thursday, August 18th: 9am-12pm Springboard Orientation Attendees who have a confirmation email of their attendance
    • Wednesday, August 24th: 8am-12pmThe Clarkson School Students who live in Newell or Ormsby Houses  
      • Meet in front Price Hall for move-in, additional instructions to follow

Residence Life

Move-In Process for New Students

  • Please refer to the Campus Map for locations of entrances and residence halls as outlined below.
  • Students (and families/supporters, if applicable) arrive at their designated campus entrance and check-in with move-in crew to receive directions.
    • The Clarkson School students will enter on Goldenrod Drive at the main campus entrance and go to the front of Price Hall (Ormsby House & Newell House).
  • Students (and families/supporters, if applicable) drive to the check-in area outside of the residence hall (first-years) or Cheel Arena (transfers).
  • Students retrieve their residence hall room key, student ID, and printed orientation schedule. Residential Advisors (RA) will be walking around the residence halls and handing out keys in order to get to know you, and help answer questions or concerns!
  • Students with the help of move-in crew unload belongings at the curb of their building.
    • Students should label all belongings prior to arrival to campus with their name and room assignment.
    • During first year student move-in on 8/25 and 8/26, a move-in crew will be available to help carry personal belongings into the residence halls.
    • One person must stay with the vehicle during the unloading and move-in process while it is parked outside of the residence halls.
    • After belongings are unloaded, family/supporters should move the vehicle to the Cheel Campus Center or Student Center Parking Lots.
  • Students or move-in crew move belongings inside.
    • Be mindful that most residence halls do not have elevators
    • Roommates are encouraged to assist each other with moving belongings inside.
    • Please ensure to protect yourself from injury, lift with your knees and not your back, and wait for help to carry heavy items, as needed.
  • After you move in and set up your room
    • Students pick up their mail key in the Student Center main floor.
    • Students will receive their vehicle registration stickers, if applicable, in their student mailbox or can be picked up at Campus Safety and Security.
    • Mailbox numbers can be found on myCU
  • Should you arrive on campus outside of the designated move-in times, go to the Quad Center Core RA Office room 115. If you need help getting access into the Quad, call Campus Safety at 315-268-6666. Move-in assistance will no longer be available but, you will be able to receive your residence hall room key, student ID, and printed orientation schedule. If you have any questions, please contact Res Life at

Avoiding Residence Hall Charges

It is always best to ask your RA if you have questions related to potential charges, they can help you navigate any situation.

  • All furniture found in the room upon arrival is required to be in the room upon vacating housing in May. You will be charged for any missing furniture.
  • Room keys, mail keys, lab keys and student ID’s should be kept on a keychain, lanyard or some other identifiable item so you do not lose them. Losing any of these keys or student ID will result in charges to your student account for replacement.
  • Damage to rooms will be charged by the Facilities Department. If you find damage upon arrival to your room, please take a photo and contact Room Damages via email at to avoid any fines
  • If you are in need of something to be fixed (such as a new light bulb or to have the blinds re-hung) your RA can help you to put in a work order or go to: 

Please visit the Residence Life website for more information about your residence hall experience including a packlist of what to bring/not bring.

  • Review our Fire Safety Guidelines and what to leave at home, here. 
  • Students that do not abide by campus fire safety rules and regulations are subject to a range of fines.

Items that are prohibited on campus due to fire safety regulations include (but are not limited to) the following:
Extension cords, traditional coffee makers, cooking appliances such as air fryers, hot plates, grills, and toasters, propane tanks and other forms of fuel sources, curtains other than those provided by the University, candles, and the use of vape pens indoors (must be 30 feet from any campus building to smoke).

Other notable fire safety regulations to consider:
Fridges must be appropriate size and plugged directly into the wall. Microwaves should also be plugged directly into the wall. Nothing within dorm rooms can be affixed to the ceiling. Dorm room walls and doors can not be covered with decorations, posters, etc. more than 20%. Any string lights in dorms may not be wrapped around bed frames, and should not be touching any combustibles. All wall decorations must also be placed 12 inches from the ceiling and 18 inches from any sprinkler. There must always be a clear path from any point in the room to the door and nothing may be stored behind doors.

All questions regarding move-in should be directed to Residence Life at

All questions regarding fire safety, potential room charges, ot prohibited items/regulation violations should be directed to Brian Moulton at 

All questions regarding damages or facilities concerns (lightbulb outages, missing window screens, etc.) should be directed to Facilities at 

Meal Plans
Dining Services has a variety of meal plans to choose to accommodate your needs. Learn about how to manage your food allergies, the various meal plan options, the different ways they can be used on campus, and sign up for your meal plan today! If needed, meal plans can be changed during the first two weeks of each semester.

Knight Card
The Knight Card is your official identification card as a Clarkson University Student. The card allows students access to their residence hall, the Fitness Center, to check out books from the library, and in individual cases, to purchase their meals. In addition to these services, Clarkson offers the ability to use your Knight Card to pay for vending on-campus and to be used at popular locations off-campus.

Personal Vehicles
Students must register their vehicle with the Office of Campus Safety & Security. There is no cost for registration, and a vehicle is registered only when the valid parking permit assigned to the vehicle is properly displayed on the back of the review mirror. Visit Campus Safety & Security to view a campus parking map and learn how to register your vehicle.  

Public Transportation
Students are able to use their Knight Card to utilize St. Lawrence County public transit College Connector Shuttles. This includes the CUSA (sponsored by your Clarkson University Student Association) Shuttle Bus which stops on campus about every hour at the Student Center.

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