Get Ready for Clarkson!

Important Dates

  • Move-in Day: Take a look at your move-in date based on your assigned Residence Hall!
    • Thursday, August 18th: 9am-12pm Springboard Orientation Attendees who have a confirmation email of their attendance
    • Monday, August 22nd: 9am-12pm CUOC Pre-Orientation Attendees who have a confirmation email of their attendance
    • Tuesday, August 23rd: 9am-12pm all other Pre-Orientation Attendees who have a confirmation email of their attendance
    • Tuesday, August 23rd: 8am-12pm Honors Students
      • Meet in front of Reynolds House for move-in, additional instructions to follow
    • Wednesday, August 24th: 8am-12pm The Clarkson School Students who live in Newell or Ormsby Houses
      • Meet in front Price Hall for move-in, additional instructions to follow
    • Thursday, August 25th 9am-5pm: Donohue, Brooks, and Cubley House 
      • Upperclassman student staff will be available to assist with move in at the Quad
    • Friday, August 26th 9am-3pm: Reynolds and Ross Houses
      • Upperclassman student staff will be available to assist with move in at the Quad
    • Friday, August 26th 9am-12pm: Transfer Student Move-in  
      • Check in at the Cheel Campus Center lobby. Pull right up to the loop in front of the main entrance and head inside to pick up your keys.
  • Orientation happens this month! View the full orientation schedule at
  • Convocation, featuring ReVoiced, is Friday, August 26th at 4:30pm in Cheel Arena. Convocation and the Van Sickle Endowed Lectureship are events that officially welcome new students to the academic year as well as connect students to a common performance, reading or speaker. Learn more about common conversations and the common reading book hereConvocation is where you get a FREE class of 2026 shirt and a surprise gift!

Roommate Tips 

We want to share some tips now that you are able to connect with your future roommates:

  1. Be responsive and connect early
  2. Check in about if you are sharing any items and who is bringing what
  3. Be truthful about your habits such as sleep, cleanliness etc. Establishing boundaries and an understanding of how each other lives from the start will be beneficial to a better living experience.
  4. When you arrive on campus, work with your Resident Advisor (RA) or House Advisor (HA) on a roommate contract to help you learn to communicate with each other about your needs.
  5. Give people a chance and get to know them before judging them
  6. You do not need to become best friends with your roommate, you just need to learn to be able to live together
  7. If you run into concerns when living together, talk to your roommate directly about the issue and/or reach out to your RA/HA to help
  8. If you do not have a roommate and or you have an open bed in your living space please note that the Residence Life Office can fill it at any time, or you can make a request for someone specific to move in with you

Please view these short videos which explain more about what to expect for first year student housing and Move-In Day.

You can also check out these blogs on ideas for your spared space, or on living with a roommate:

Dorm Hacks

Roommate Survival Guide

Please visit the Residence Life website or our Instagram @clarksonreslife for more information about your residence hall experience.

Mental Health Tips

Starting your college career is an exciting time and one filled with many new opportunities, changes, and challenges. It is to be expected, and normal, that you will experience a wide range of emotions during this time as you adjust and transition to a whole new way of living and learning. Remaining flexible and patient during this transition period is important. 

Plan ahead by reflecting on what in your life helps you feel less stressed. Whether it’s going for a walk, hanging out with friends, or journaling, come up with a list of what works for you and think through how you can do those things when you come to campus. Knowing how to manage stress helps you make active choices to stay on track with your personal and academic goals. 

Being familiar with your resources and knowing when to ask for help is also important. Clarkson has a variety of offices and resources designed to help support your overall success and wellness.

The Student Success Center is focused on helping you achieve your academic and professional goals. All first-year students take a First-Year Seminar course where they participate in discussions, team activities, leadership opportunities, and fall-semester interaction with upper-class peer educators to build up communication and teamwork skills while learning about personal wellness. They also provide students with tutoring support, test prep services, and success coaching throughout your Clarkson career. 

Student Health and Counseling Center is an integrated health and counseling center at Clarkson, whose mission is to empower students to become active participants in their physical health and mental wellbeing. They offer health services including, but not limited to, evaluation for illness or injury, immunizations, STD and HIV testing and treatment, and physicals. Additionally, they offer confidential mental health counseling services and resources related to mental health and wellness topics. 

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