The Clarkson Community–faculty, staff, and students–are in a position to look out for one another and, if necessary, provide assistance. One of the simple and effective mechanisms available to members of the Clarkson Community to offer support to students is by submitting a SafetyNet form. Submitting information via SafetyNet mobilizes response to your concerns appropriately by a committee functioning as a support team. Quick and easy access to complete the SafetyNet form can be found on the Quick Links drop-down list on the Clarkson intranet as well as on the Moodle Help Hub. 

On average, there have been no SafetyNet reports for over 50% of the students who are academically separated each semester. We need your assistance to improve our student support.

Your SafetyNet reports result in supporting approximately 200 students each semester. Our ability to connect with these students as early as possible maximizes their potential for academic success. Otherwise, students may stop showing up to class or do poorly on exams when we could have helped them with basic needs, safety concerns, etc. In short, each SafetyNet report helps us to maintain student safety and to maximize student retention and persistence.

Examples of what may prompt the submission of a SafetyNet form can be issues relating to academic performance, bizarre behavior, or concerning comments. These can lead to further discussion related to their personal well-being and might include topics such as:

  • Class attendance
  • Mental health (grieving with the loss of a loved one, depression, anxiety, etc.)
  • Physical health (chronic medical problems, sleep disorders, disordered eating, etc.)
  • Substance abuse (student self-report, appears intoxicated in class, etc.)
  • Legal concerns
  • Safety concerns (behaviors relating to excessive risk-taking, etc.)
  • Food insecurity or lack of basic needs (food, housing, etc.)
  • Academic uncertainty and struggle persisting through college
  • Other concerns impacting a student’s life

Although we know it can be difficult in large lecture courses, we remind faculty that Clarkson University Regulations state that instructors are requested to report three consecutive absences to the Office of the Dean of Students in order to provide a minimal check on the physical and academic well-being of the student. Reporting these absences should occur through the SafetyNet form. Instructors can enter multiple names and student IDs on one SafetyNet form. When completing the form, include the full name and student ID number (include the leading 0) for all students to ensure that the committee member assigned to the case is able to contact the correct student.

For questions regarding the SafetyNet process, contact the Office of the Dean of Students at 315-268-6620 or

If you need to report issues related to sexual harassment, sexual violence, dating abuse, domestic violence, or stalking, directly contact the Title IX Coordinator (315-212-8940) or Dean of Students (315-268-6620) to discuss any concerns. You can find additional contact details, information on a person’s rights, and available resources at: 

Please remember that all Clarkson employees are non-confidential resources, with the exception of the Student Health and Counseling staff and HAART (Harassment Assault Abuse Response Team) advocates. Please practice need-to-know privacy when dealing with these issues.

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