Information from SLH Concerning Construction Impact on Local Roads

Memorandum from the Department Of Facilities Management

TO:                  SLH Employees/Providers and *Local Emergency Services/Colleges/Schools

FROM:            Facilities Leadership

DATE:             September 23, 2022

SUBJECT:       Lift Arm Installation

As we prepare for the “flip” of the Hospital’s entrance to Cottage Street, part of that plan includes the installation of Lift Arms at the intersection of Cottage Street with Leroy Street. On Monday, September 26, the intersection will be closed off as work crews trench the pavement. The surrounding section of the sidewalk will also be blocked off during this time. Travel along Leroy Street will not be impacted.

The project includes the installation of two barrier arms, one on either side of Cottage Street from Leroy Street, operated via an emergency siren system. Card readers will also be added, restricting access from this end of Cottage Street to Emergency and Security personnel only. Staff and the general public using Cottage Street will exit via the Waverly Street intersection.

The Lift Arms are expected to be in permanent operation by mid-October.


Please direct your questions or concerns to Director of Construction Management Jon Huckle at 315.212.6848, or Construction Project Manager Kristin Diamond at 315.212.2418.

Should you, members of our community, or perspective donors have further questions related to our expansion project, please direct them to email members of our project committee at

The Care Pavilion web page may be found at The site provides updated photos and information about the project.

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