September One Card Expense Reports Deadline

One Card Transactions:

The billing cycle will end September 21st for One Card transactions dated August 21st through September 20th.  The final Visa load will be September 21st.  Submit expense reports by September 30th. 

Please make sure that you have reconciled all transactions dated September 20th and prior.  This includes all credits due to refunds for returned items, canceled travel, etc.   

Also, if you have already created Expense Reports for this billing cycle and have not submitted them, this is a reminder to complete and submit them.  They can be found using the Create Expense Report tile, click Find an Existing Value and Search. 

The Training Materials tile in the Expense Report Homepage will take you to the database with documents if you need assistance.


Please continue to monitor your emails for expense reports requiring your approval.   

The expense report needs to be budget checked if the Approve button is not available.  Click the Budget Options link to then access the Budget Check button.   

If you are unable to approve due to budget errors, please contact Shawn Seymour at to review the budget error before sending back.  

In most cases we can resolve the budget error and will inform you when you can approve or if the report needs to be sent back.If you have questions contact Shawn Seymour at         

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