Announcement on Announcements

Based on campus input and requests to streamline information being shared with our community, the University will be sending all Campus Announcements in a single “e-newsletter” distribution once per day during the lunch hour. Within the daily newsletter digest, each announcement entry will include a headline, an opening paragraph and the option to click to read more.

Within the daily distribution, announcements will also be categorized based on your location (Potsdam, Beacon or Capital) and your constituent status (faculty, staff, graduate student, undergrad) so you will see what is most relevant to you first. You can get an early look now and may also refer back at any time to  for a searchable compendium of all announcements that have been submitted. We will also include additional tags to aid searching and finding information based on your personal preferences.

All employees and students will be included in these daily distributions. Other email distributions lists, such as Athletic Events, Milestones, General Discussion are optional lists for employees to receive special updates and do not automatically include everyone.

To get an announcement into the daily newsletter, please email your information to  In your subject line requesting the post, please put “PLEASE POST.”  Those two words of text will be removed before submission to the newsletter.  Please also specify in the first lines of this email the groups that you want to get the message being sent (again, this text will be removed before submission to the newsletter.)

  • Options are All campuses, all students, all employees, Potsdam faculty, Potsdam staff, Potsdam undergrad students, Potsdam grad students; Beacon faculty, Beacon staff, Beacon grad students; Capital faculty, Capital staff, Capital grad students, Semester Based Graduate Students and Quarter Based Graduate Students  
  • Tags (optional) —  You may also indicate which tag(s) you would like added to your message — Athletics, Events, Facilities, General, News, Safety & Security, Seminars and Colloquiums, Service Excellence, OIT, Research, Job Announcements, Students, Semester Based Graduate Students and Quarter Based Graduate Students. Campus users on the Web site will be able to sort by these tags from the aggregate of all messages.
  • A best practice is to include your contact informationa phone number, email address or other way readers can get in touch with you if they have any questions.

Please submit your announcements 24 hours in advance to ensure that your entry is included in the next day’s weekday distribution. Limited exceptions to the daily distribution will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

If you need to speak to someone in Marketing & External Relations about your submission, Pattie Lane,, ext. 6739, is the first point of contact, and, in her absence, Melissa Lindell, Jacob Newman, Jessica Carista and Kelly Chezum.  If you have any questions about this exciting new way to make getting Clarkson information easier, please call Marketing & External Relations at ext. 4483.

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