Ignite Speaker Series – November 10, 2020 2 PM

Learn about EO processes developed by Dr. Yang Yang and his research team, and how they have recently been validated in real environments at pilot scales.

Ignite Speaker Series – November 3, 2020 2 PM

This week’s Speaker Series will introduce you to the plague of harmful algae blooms caused by microbial Cyanobacteria. Join us on Zoom to discover the causes for these blooms and the best solutions for protecting our waters.

Joint Seminar – Electrical & Computer Engineering and the Institute for a Sustainable Environment

Michael Sutton, Senior Operations Manager, Justin St John, Water Resource Manager &Julie Pelletier, Stakeholder Relations Manager of Brookfield Renewable Energy Will present a talk titled: Managing the Raquette River Abstract: Brookfield Renewable is the largest independent renewable energy generator across the North Country and has been the owner and operator in the region since 2004. In New York … Continue reading Joint Seminar – Electrical & Computer Engineering and the Institute for a Sustainable Environment

David A. Walsh ‘67 Seminar Series – Amir Jaima

Students, Faculty and Staff Seminar Announcement: David A. Walsh ‘67 Seminar Series Friday, October 30th @ 1:00 pmhttps://clarkson.zoom.us/j/91964159341

Ignite Speaker Series – October 20, 2020 2 PM

In this week’s talk, Dr. Boolani will discuss feelings of energy and fatigue, and how predispositions to these moods manifest themselves uniquely in one’s gait and posture.

Ignite Speaker Series – October 13, 2020 2 PM

In this talk Dr. LaFay will discuss embedded physical therapy and telehealth and how these have led to creative and innovative solutions in this unprecedented time.

Ignite Speaker Series- October 6, 2020 @ 2 PM

How has the pandemic changed our mental health perceptions and services? Dr. Graveline addresses this and more in this week’s Ignite Speaker Series.

“Exploring Alternate Assessments” Teaching Circle Now Meeting

Join our Circle:  Today at 3:00 P.M., join circle facilitator Katie Kavanagh and peers as we continue to meet bi-weekly via Zoom to share discussions around the challenges and ideas with conducting successful assessments in today’s learning environment. Our aim is to uncover successful practices as well as brainstorm for methods that will apply in … Continue reading “Exploring Alternate Assessments” Teaching Circle Now Meeting