Housing Lottery

Housing Lottery information will be available via PeopleSoft on Friday, March 15 at 8:00am. For you to receive your lottery number, you must complete your Housing Contract online.  You may access this by logging into your PeopleSoft account and selecting the housing link located at the bottom left of the main page. You will need to choose the 2019 – 2020 academic year.
 The Housing Lottery will be held on April 4 (6-7 Person Apartments,) April 4 (PIT Plan) April 9 (Barben Rooms in Cheel), April 16 and April 18 (see lottery information below)  in the Student Center Multipurpose Rooms. Students entering their 5th year are not required to live on campus but can be issued lottery numbers upon request. Please stop by the Residence Life office for more information.  Students that can not attend lottery will be able to complete a proxy form which will grant permission for another student to select their housing. The student selecting housing must have a completed copy of the Proxy Form with them to select housing for student not attending lottery.
 MULTIPLE SELECTION: Multiple selection will take place the first three nights of the lottery, designated for groups who want to live in suites larger than 4 person, or apartments on campus. Students may sign-up in groups of 6 or 7, regardless of their cohort. Once the group size is decided the group must submit the “Multiple Selection Form” on Knight Life. Students may only apply for one group size. Placement is based on an average of the collective lottery numbers. Groups cannot be increased or decreased in size after submitting an application.
Multiple Selection Form – 6 & 7 Person*Due April 1 at 4:30pm* Multiple Selection Form – PIT Plan *Due April 1 at 4:30pm*
Group lottery numbers will be sent via email to primary contact on April 3.
 FIRST YEAR STUDENTS: If you receive a “high lottery number”, you may be interested in the “Pit Plan” which allows you to choose a double room in Hamlin-Powers without attending the lottery; by doing so you will avoid a long wait. The rooms on the fourth floor and center core of Hamlin Powers are not available for pre-lottery selection. You may sign up for up to 6 blocks of rooms with friends, the form will be available via Knight Life on Wednesday, March 15: Pit Plan Form * Due April 1 at 4:30pm*
Housing Lottery Information:
March 15 – April 1 – Applications for 6-7 person apartments/PIT Plan Available due on April 1 on Knight Life. https://knightlife.clarkson.edu/organization/ResidenceLife
April 4 – Room selection for 6-7 person apartments at 5:00pm Student Center MPR (Average numbers will be available on April 3)
April 4 – Room selection for PIT Plan Student Center MPR (Average numbers will be available on April 3)
April 9 – Junior Housing Lottery Night at 5:00pm Barben Rooms in Cheel #1-250 at 5:00pm, #251-500 at 6:00pm, #501+ at 7:00pm
April 16 – Sophomore Housing Lottery Night at 5:00pm Student Center MPR #1000-1250 at 5:00pm, #1251-1500 at 6:00pm, #1501+ at 7:00pm
April 18 – First Year Housing Lottery Night at 5:00pm Student Center MPR #2000-2250 at 5:00pm, #2251-2500 at 6:00pm, #2501+ at 7:00pm.
*Students will only be able to pull other students with higher numbers in their own cohort in any 4 person suite or 4 person apartments.  Students from different cohorts will be able to reserve space after the cohort a head of them have selected their space.*
Housing Lottery Information Floor Meetings will take place the week of March 25.  Please see your RA for specific details.
If you are a pair in the same cohort going through the lottery system, you will go at the time of the lower lottery number being called.
*Only one group member is required to attend the housing lottery if you bring everyone’s student id numbers- although bringing multiple members of the group is permitted.
~The Residence Life Team 
If you have any questions please see your RA, RD, or contact the Residence Life Office at (315)268-6642.

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