Updates on COVID19 – Online Instruction After Break – Housing for Students Who Need To Remain

Clarkson has been closely monitoring information from local, state and federal agencies regarding COVID-19.  There are no reported cases of COVID-19 in the Clarkson community.

With a new ban just issued by New York State on gatherings and additional restrictions on environments with a higher density of people, we are asking all students to plan for online instruction starting March 23.  More information from our academic leaders will be coming in the immediate days ahead on how courses will be adapted for alternative methods of learning and independent projects.    

We are asking you to take with you any electronic devices/laptops, textbooks and other critical materials to be able to continue your coursework remotelyIf you need help shipping these home, the Student Center mailroom will ship them for you this week.    If you do not have internet access at home, please contact the Dean of Students, 315-268-6620 for support.

We recognize that for many students, that Clarkson may be the best place for them to continue to stay.  Students have the option to remain on campus through spring break and they have the option to stay into the rest of the semester as appropriate.  Campus services including dining, student health services and academic resources will be available but may be modified.  Many of you in affinity groups — like sports and clubs with competitions  — will get more information as we connect with others in our higher education sector on plans.  

Students who wish to stay on campus for spring break and beyond can click here for a link to the request form.

We are facing rapidly evolving scenarios and making decisions with far-reaching impacts that in many real ways will be replicated in your own professional lives and careers as the leaders we know you are destined to become.  

We recognize that global news and additional directives from local, state and federal representatives continue to come in that may require alternative courses of action.  We want you to be safe on break and compel you all to continue to follow the preventive measures on our website to limit the spread of germs and stay abreast of the links to the resources from local, state and federal agencies.  We will be making decisions based on when in-classroom instruction can resume as well as University activities as we review those directives.  

Thank you for living and exemplifying  the Clarkson values in everything you do.  

Tony Collins, President  

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