Restart: Governor Greenlights Capital Region for Phase II to Reopen Economy

As part of the Governor’s  Forward New York Plan, the Capital Region has met all of the criteria to move to Phase II today.  For our Capital Region Campus, the current plan is for a few employees to return to work next week to initiate restart operations.

The North Country began Phase II on May 29, and the Hudson Valley was reported to potentially move to Phase II as early as June 9.

Consistent with both federal and NYS guidance, employees who can work from home will continue to do so to further support reduced density in workplaces and to continue measures to ensure the spread of COVID-19 is stopped. 

For all of our Clarkson locations, each faculty and staff member will get information directly from their manager/department chair and HR about when they will return to their office or on campus duties. 

The order of return will be prioritized for those faculty and staff who can best fulfill their jobs by completing their work on campus.  A special safety training and possible modifications to work spaces will be made in advance of your return. 

We recognize as we bring people back to campus, that some employees with underlying health conditions, complexities associated with child or elder care etc., may need accommodation. Managers will work closely with employees to ensure alternative plans. 

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