Restart: Staff accommodation form

As Clarkson continues to resume on-campus activities to welcome back students, we are taking a phased approach for faculty and staff in accordance with New York State guidelines.  We continue to place the highest priority on the health, safety and well-being of campus while ensuring the continuity of the highest standards of work. The University recognizes that there are still unknowns and concerns surrounding child care, family members and staff members who may be at higher risk, and many other factors.  We will work together to ensure that we continue to provide solutions that meet both family and work commitments.

Clarkson is following all public health guidance and the recommendations of the federal, state and local authorities; our internal faculty experts advisory team; the CICU advisory team; input  from medical professionals at St. Lawrence Health System that operates Canton Potsdam Hospital; and many others to put safety precautions in place to lower the risks of exposure. We understand that there may be some employees who may self-identify as having an increased risk of severe outcome from COVID-19 infection as determined by CDC ( or other limitations that may require temporary accommodations,such as working from home or child care needs that may require an alternative schedule, etc.As supervisors and managers work with their teams to meet job objectives and expectations, requests for accommodations will be processed by Human Resources. 

Staff accommodations can be submitted by completing the following online form for STAFF ONLY:

Faculty accommodations have a separate form that has already been communicated. 

The Human Resources team will review the submission and discuss the requested accommodation with the appropriate manager or department head to determine whether a reasonable accommodation can be made. These will be evaluated based on justified need, and granted with consideration of equity. Confidentiality is of utmost importance and  employees requesting accommodations due to health reasons will remain confidential and health reasons will not be shared with managers.  

Faculty and Staff have separate accommodation forms and if you have questions regarding the accommodations process please contact Traci Giffin, Benefits Manager ( 

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