Reminder: Tools to engage students in online learning, tomorrow, July 30 at 2pm

July 30 at 2pm “Brief Introduction to Using Slack, OpenBoard, and MathPix for Online Education” with Prof. Sean Banerjee, Computer Science (guest starring, Dr. Natasha Banerjee)(

Often it seems teaching online courses means engaging students is more difficult, if not impossible.  There are tools that can help you engage your students in new ways both in and out of the classroom.  Sean has prepared some tutorials to walk you through how to use tools like #Slack and OpenBoardDr. Natash Banerjee prepared a tutorial for MathPix which is more than just an equation editor but is a unique engagement tool for students! Once you’ve gone through the tutorials, join us at the forum on July 30 at 2pm to ask questions and learn how these tools could be integrated into your course this Fall.

-Robyn Hannigan, Provost

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