Broad COVID-19 Campus Test

Dear Students: 

This is a reminder that Clarkson University has hired the MIT-Harvard Broad Institute’s laboratory with its Clinical Research Sequencing Platform (CRSP) to provide SARS-CoV-2 testing to all students during the Fall 2020 Semester. Consent to testing was outlined on myCU for all students prior to arrival. All COVID-19 testing for Fall 2020 will be held in Cheel Arena and specimens will be collected through a process that involves a self-administered nose swab.   

Student COVID-19 Testing Details:

From August 18th – 23rd, students will be contacted via email to schedule their testing time. Each week thereafter, Clarkson will conduct 300 random tests per week until the end of the semester. 

  • The day prior to your testing you will receive a separate email to schedule your test. 
  • Testing will be in Cheel Arena – enter on the South side / back of the arena via the “Zamboni” entrance. There are green markers to establish distancing while in line. Students must wear a face mask. 
  • Bring your Student ID. Staff will verify your DOB, address and name. 
  • Staff will print a label and attach to a tube and give you an enclosed swab. 
  • Signage of how to conduct the nasal swab will be posted in the arena.
  • Students will be directed to a testing station and trained staff will be on hand to answer questions. 
  • Once you have conducted the self-administered nasal swab test, you will insert the swab into the tube, enclose it with a cap, and deposit it into a carrier.
  • The entire process will take approximately 5 minutes (from check-in to completion).

Should a student test positive, you will be contacted by the Student Health Center directly and provided next steps. 

Questions can be directed to We look forward to a great semester. 

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