Reminders on Employee Policies for COVID-19 and Related Forms (Visitors, Travel, Meetings)

Visitors on Campus

  • With limited exceptions, non-essential visitors are not permitted on campus until further notice. All contractors, vendors, tenants, and other visitors (including those who may be considered essential) on campus must be approved through Human Resources first. Please complete the form here at least 72 hours prior to your anticipated need for the visitor(s) to arrive on campus.  
  • Please also alert if government officials /agencies will be accessing campus related to their oversight and responsibilities.  
  • Signage is posted on all entrances to University buildings on social distancing requirements.  
  • Based on questions on the visitor policy, our guiding principle is to limit outside access for the safety of our community.  
    • Where feasible, in-person appointments, demos, meetings or sessions should be held virtually. 
    • The federal government defines essential workers as those who conduct a range of operations and services that are typically essential to continue critical infrastructure operations. 
    • Visitors to campus must have an essential purpose directly related to the work of the University. If approved, they should minimize contact with personnel and students.  
    • Please also familiarize yourself with the travel guidance.  If they are from out of state, you may also have to quarantine for 14 days after they have been in contact with you.  
    • Employees are prohibited from having their family members come to campus unless they are just stopping to pick someone up curbside. 
    • The general public can use the Munter Trail on the perimeter of campus for outdoor exercise.  


  • The Travel Self-Reporting Form. This must be filled out if you will be traveling outside of the approved areas for your campus location or to any area that has a travel restriction mandated by NY State for personal travel.  Please complete the form at least 72 hours before you anticipate the need to travel.
  • For work-related travel–please fill out a Travel Authorization form located in PeopleSoft Financials. Work-related travel requires a minimum of 14 days notice prior to travel.

Campus Moving to Stage 2

  • Employees will continue to have no in-person school or department-based meetings or gatherings without approval from  

Other COVID-19 Policies/ Forms

There are several other important COVID-19-related forms located here, including: 

  • The 5 Hours ‘Focus on Family Needs’ Form is also available here. This new initiative allows employees the flexibility to use up to five hours a week to assist your children while they transition into this school year and to assist with continuing care of other family needs such as doctors appointments, or simply grocery shopping for immediate family members. 

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