COVID-Read – Short Update on Positive Cases From Last Weekend

Campus Community,

Today, we responded to additional precautionary measures that representatives from St. Lawrence County Public Health initiated based on contact tracing from last Friday’s positive cases. An additional 39 students are in the process of being contacted based on a class they attended on October 7 — these are precautionary measures only — not positive cases — and students are getting individual guidance from Public Health on their next steps.   

We know this is a time of heightened sensitivity, and we encourage everyone not to be alarmed but to continue to follow the social distancing, health and safety protocols we have outlined as a priority for stopping the spread of COVID-19.   This is a natural review process and often results in many names being surfaced to be proactive. As we shared earlier in the week, all comprehensive testing since last Friday’s three closely connected cases were reported have come back with negative results. 

Across New York State, there has been a surge in new COVID-19 cases – particularly on college campuses —  and public health officials statewide are starting to take extraordinary steps.  We support the health and safety of our campus community as our highest priority as well as supporting our students who are directly impacted by these challenging choices.    

Based on the input of our Clarkson University Student Association leaders, we are also now putting in the subject line of your emails a “COVID Code” to further alert you to updates on the status of our response to positive cases on campus and in the community.    

  • COVID READ – You need to know this information.
  • COVID ACT – You must do something specific that is outlined in this email.

If you have any questions, please email us at

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