COVID READ: Updated Interim Travel Policy

Faculty and Staff,

For an employee’s personal travel, Clarkson will now be following New York State policy on travel allowing employees to leave the state.  Employees will only have to self-quarantine if they travel to a restricted state in the New York State Travel Advisory list* (updated every Tuesday) or to an area in New York states that is deemed a “Red Zone”. We will also follow NYS guidance on international travel.  We are continuing to ask that for all personal travel, you fill out the personal travel form for contact tracing purposes only-

Policy around University travel has not changed.  Please review Clarkson’s Travel policy at  If you travel to a state in the travel advisory list/ international travel or the “Red Zone” within NYS, you will still have to follow New York State ’s quarantine policies.

If you have any questions, please contact Human Resources at

Thank you

* Please visit:

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