COVID-19 Read – How On-Campus Testing Results Are Conveyed to You

Clarkson is using two kinds of COVID-19 tests in its Campus Testing Center in Cheel and through the Student Health Center.  

The majority of our testing is a PCR Test done through the Broad Labs.  For the Broad PRC test, negative test results will be sent via email from, normally within 24 to 36 hours.  Students with a positive result will be notified by the Health Center and employees with a positive result will get a call from Human Resources with next steps.  

For those getting the Abbott Antigen rapid test, the nasal sample you provide will be analyzed on site within 15 to 20 minutes.  These are used in a more limited setting and you will be told if you are getting an Abbott Test instead of a Broad Test.   Only positive results are contacted by Human Resources if you leave before the swab is analyzed.  

We also will have a paper copy of this information on how to access test results at the table where you submit your test swab tube for anyone who wants to pick this up.  

Tess Casler
Student Testing Coordinator

Amy McGaheran 

Human Resources Office

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