COVID-19 Act & Read: Today’s Update,

Included in this communication:

  • Statements about Source of Transmission & Exposures
  • Statements about Symptoms and Quarantine Time
  • Statements on Vaccine Eligibility for More Groups Opening up on February 15
  • On demand testing access
  • Statements on Positive Cases Reported Today (21 new cases today/ 77 current active total cases)

Golden Knights,

Here are some trends about our current positive case load in our University community and what we are hearing in the County.  The upshot — every one of us can make a difference — and needs to be proactive about stopping the spread.

Source of Transmission & Exposure

  • Source: Transmission is largely occurring in social settings, group gatherings without protocols and among family “units” where some members of the family unit are relaxing the protocols beyond their campus family unit.
  • Solution: Wear your mask over the nose and mouth in all settings.  We would encourage you to wear a mask within your family unit even when socializing with them. And keep your family unit tight to just your apartment/ residence.  It’s that simple and something we can each do. 

Onset of Symptoms

  • Trending: What’s new this spring is that we are seeing more people in quarantine starting to exhibit symptoms on Days 9-11 instead of earlier in the cycle from their initial exposure. 
  • Solution: We are now asking people in quarantine to test on day 10 in a 14 day quarantine period.   This also means we really need everyone to follow health and safety protocols.

Vaccination Eligibility Expanded to More People

  • NYS has said vaccine sign up for persons with specific underlying health conditions and comorbidities will begin on February 15 at 12:01 a.m.  — The list of conditions eligible is on this website— we are working on a more detailed release, but encourage you to also investigate your options. 
  • The sign sign up based on eligibility is here after completing a questionnaire — we have not seen the exact questions yet on the form to help guide you through the process but if you take a look now, you’ll see how it works and what kinds of information are being solicited. 
  • For students on campus who are eligible, we will get transportation lined up to get to the vaccination site at SUNY Potsdam.  You will want to schedule your appointment to allow for both vaccinations to take place four weeks apart.  

On Demand Testing and Support for Getting To/From Hospital Testing Center

Students with symptoms identified on the daily screening tool should reach out to or 315-268-6633.  Outside of business hours or for asymptomatic individuals, as well as anyone in St. Lawrence County who wants to be tested for COVID-19, may schedule a test through St. Lawrence County  Public Health or with St. Lawrence Health System, which manages Canton-Potsdam Hospital less than 1 mile from campus and has a unit specifically established for this purpose. There is no charge for testing in NYS if you go through one of these sites which are set up for this usage.

If students do not have a car to get to Canton Potsdam Hospital for testing, any student with a driver’s license may access a University fleet vehicle through Campus Safety & Security.  Please make your appointment first to get a time from the hospital’s testing site.  Then contact Campus Safety at 315-268-6666 to reserve a vehicle to drive directly to /from the appointment only.  They will provide further instructions for how to return the car.  We will be cleaning/disinfecting the vehicle in between reservations.  

Positive Case Update:  

We were notified today that 21 members of our campus community have tested positive for COVID-19.  Of the recent positive cases,these are inclusive of people already in quarantine from previous exposure as well as from people engaging in social gatherings beyond their family unit. It is also inclusive of people who tested earlier in the week and had delayed test results   As shared yesterday, we will likely have a few more days of positive case loads like today based on those in quarantine with exposures to positive cases and reported engagements with them that occurred outside of class and structured activities.  You can stop this spread by wearing a mask and following the protocols for social distancing. 

We are taking all precautions to reduce more quarantines and exposures.  And we very much want to help people who are in quarantine/isolation.  We are welcoming people who want to come forward to engage online with people in quarantine and send them care packages.  Please respond to if you want to support these activities. 

PLEASE Everyone:  Wear a mask at all times when around others and in public; Practice good hand washing hygiene; and Follow appropriate social distancing measures.  If you are not feeling well or need to act on the daily screening tool, seek medical attention via the Student Health Center,, 315-268-6633 or your own medical provider.   

If you have any questions about this communication, please contact and/or me.  

Kelly Chezum, VP for External Relations
Restart /Rebuild Communications Lead 

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