Important COVID-19 Read & Act: Potsdam Campus in Full Precautionary Self-Quarantine through 8am on Monday, February 22

Golden Knights,

An opportunity exists to maximize the benefit of the current remote learning situation imposed on the Potsdam campus student body.  In an evaluation of the current status of the positive cases in our student community and in order to return back to the in-person education, particularly lab courses, desired by all, President Collins is placing the entire student community under a precautionary self-quarantine through 8am on Monday, February 22.  To make a difference, we need all students, both on campus and living off campus, to pause in their normal activities for this 10 day period.  In engaging with the health professionals for counsel, this is the right thing to do and the fastest pathway forward to stopping the spread. 

Under these precautionary self-quarantine measures: 

  • All students are expected to attend classes remotely from their residence.
  • All students are expected to adhere to health and safety protocols in their residence including being fully masked and following social distancing when not with their immediate roommates.
  • All students are encouraged to use the campus trails and access outdoor activities on campus as a way to get recreation and exercise — masks are still required outdoors when around others.
  • All students may order food from the dining halls and collect to-go meals on campus.  Students in apartments are expected to also remain on campus and use food ordering systems.  Trips to Walmart and other dining establishments for pick up of items is not allowed.  Students may choose to order contactless delivery from local establishments such as Instacart or a local eatery.  STAY ON CAMPUS.  STAY IN YOUR LIVING QUARTERS IF YOU LIVE OFF CAMPUS.
  • Information surrounding mail delivery, laundry services, and bathroom cleaning will be provided early next week. When bringing trash and recycling outside, students must then immediately return to their residence.
  • Students may leave their residence hall to seek medical care, and are encouraged to call SHAC if they have any health related questions or concerns for guidance. Any visits that are non emergent/urgent concerns that are appropriate for virtual visits, will be converted to this approach to align with Clarkson’s precautionary quarantine guidelines. Please advise your RA/RD of any departure from your residence for any appointments with SHAC.
  • Persons who do not abide by the precautionary self-quarantine will be subject to disciplinary action following the Dean of Students’ protocols. 
  • Students who are placed in isolation or mandatory quarantine by Public Health must adhere to the guidance issued by Public Health, which supersedes above.  Students who have tested positive in the last 90 days are also being included in this self-quarantine — all Golden Knights are in on this step.    

Students who plan to leave campus for the self-quarantine period should complete the Travel Request Form and will need to obtain COVID-19 testing on their own before returning to campus. The test must be completed within three days prior to your return to campus and no earlier than February 18. Students will need to upload the result of this test to myCU. Students who travel to a noncontiguous state must comply with the NYS travel advisory; students will be unable to complete the required travel quarantine on campus. If students leave campus to self-quarantine, they should not plan to return until after they obtain their COVID-19 test result and the precautionary self-quarantine is lifted.

We had seven new positive cases reported today to our Health Center from individuals who are part of our in-person campus learning community, who live on and off campus.  We currently have 78 active cases among our total campus members in Potsdam and wish them all a recovery to good health.  See the website

We recognize that this is an unprecedented request of our student body and when we can see a horizon for the future that is much brighter. The long-term health and safety of everyone of you is behind this decision.  Thank you for your patience and diligence to that objective.  

Kelly Chezum
VP for External Relations
Restart/Rebuild Communications Lead

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