COVID-19 Read: Day 4 of Precautionary Self-Quarantine – Update on Positive Cases

 Included in this communication:

  • Update on positive cases (Still treat everyone like they might have COVID-19)
  • Mail and Package Delivery
  • Laundry
  • Vaccination Update for those in Mandatory Isolation/Quarantine 
  • Weather Update 
  • Golden Knights Rise Innovation Challenge

Golden Knights, 

As of this afternoon, we have had nine new cases reported today.   The University Care Team is supporting 93 active positive cases and we have 210 students in mandatory quarantines, down from a high of 257 last week.  There have been no new faculty or staff COVID-19 cases in over two weeks.  Students, this is your future to influence.  

The decline in cases that is happening in NYS and the USA is based on the tried-and-true safety measures: wearing masks, physical distancing, not travelling and not congregating indoors in social settings. For the time being, we need to think that everyone we interact with might be COVID-19 positive and follow the protocols. THANK YOU TO THOSE OF YOU DOING THESE MEASURES.

For those still hosting social gatherings in your houses, off campus residences and those living on campus & crossing among residence halls/apartments/theme houses on campus, please cease and heed below: 

Through February 22 as part of our precautionary self-quarantine measures:

  • All students should remain in their immediate living unit (apartment, residence hall room, fraternity room, sorority room, theme house room) with their family unit (roommates only). 
  • Students may get recreation outdoors in non-contact activities 
  • Students on a meal plan may order meals and pick them up to return to their quarters.  Students in apartment living should use contactless ordering systems and pick up services. 
  • Travel is restricted to medical appointments and medical needs. 

Mail Service: University staff will deliver all packages (excluding letters at this time) to student residences starting on Tuesday, February 16th and throughout the precautionary quarantine. Questions regarding packages should be directed to Logan Norris, During the precautionary quarantine students may not pick their personal packages/mail. 

Laundry:   A laundry schedule for each building is at this link: Laundry Schedule.  Please continue to practice social distancing and do not congregate in the laundry rooms on campus.  

Vaccination Update:  Students who have previously scheduled appointments for vaccination and are placed in mandatory quarantine and isolation should reach out the SLCPH Vaccination Centers for guidance on attending their appointments, or re-scheduling based on their situations, on a case by case basis. Those that are in precautionary quarantine, this would be considered an essential health visit, and thus you should be able to attend your scheduled vaccinations and then return to your residence. 

Weather Update:  The National Weather Service out of its Burlington, VT bureau has issued a winter storm warning for our region effective from 7pm tonight until 7pm Tuesday, with anticipated heavy snow and accumulations of 8 to 12 inches.  This is another good reason to stay off the roads and sidewalks.  This will also provide the opportunity to build some outdoor snow sculptures in a physically distanced activity near your residence. 

Golden Knights Rise Innovation Challenge: Please see the 8am email about the special Golden Knights Rise Innovation Challenge as a fun in-quarters activity and show your creativity.  Let’s Go Tech! 

Thank you to everyone doing your part to stop the spread by adhering to this precautionary self-quarantine of the campus and having a quiet President’s Day online. 

“Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.” – Oprah Winfrey

Kelly Chezum
Vice President for External Relations
Restart/Rebuild Communications Lead

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