COVID-19 READ: Day 8 of Precautionary Self-Quarantine, Update on Cases

In this communication:

  • Positive Case Update
  • Planning for Phased Return to In Person on Monday
  • Return Testing for Students Who Left Campus/ Village Residences
  • Please Finish Self-Quarantine Strong to Give Fresh Start Next Week

Golden Knights,

Case Update 

Three students who have been in mandatory quarantines tested positive today.  Sixteen  students were moved to our recovered list. Our University Care Team Members are supporting 76 students who remain in public health’s isolation status and 176  in mandatory quarantines due to exposure to positive cases.  We expect more than 165 students to complete their isolation and quarantines in the next week.  We wish them all good health.

With the guidance from our public health and medical community experts, we took this 10 day period to pause all community interaction and have asked students to self-quarantine through Monday morning, February 22.  This measure has allowed for coordinated, comprehensive contact tracing to hone in on a few early clusters of positive cases and then address the subsequent related exposures.  We are now on a downward trajectory with new cases emerging primarily from those already in quarantine.  Please continue to stop the spread of COVID-19 by following the health and safety protocols that protect everyone.  Your decisions and personal diligence can impact an entire community for the rest of the semester.  

Phased Return Updates & Reminders. 

We will begin on Monday with a phased return to in person classes. Please watch your email and other communication channels for messages from your faculty about the plans for specific classes and labs.   Here is the summary: 

  • Starting on Monday:
    • Most in-person laboratory courses will resume.
      For the rest of the semester, you will be asked to double mask / wear a mask with multiple layers in all labs.  Disposable masks will be available to wear with any cloth masks you may have.  We encourage this measure for all public interactions. The CDC issued updates this week on maximizing the effectiveness of masks.  
    • Lecture-based courses will stay online, with the exception of any exams which may be scheduled in person at professor’s discretion. 
    • Employee supervised academic teams/research programs and varsity athletic activities that are meeting pro sport guidance will resume. 
  • Starting on Wednesday
    • In person lecture and discussion-based courses will resume in person.
    • University work-study positions (student workers) can resume interactions in department and staff offices. 
  • Rebuilding the Bubble:  While we curtail new positive cases, we will remain in our Red Alert level with no in-person social gatherings.
    • Dining Services will remain pre-ordered/ grab and go.
    • Fitness facilities will remain closed. 
    • We are asking everyone to not interact with the larger Potsdam community and to stay on campus/ remain in your own family units outside of class and structured academic, research or varsity sports.
    • Use contactless pick up/  curbside ordering methods for purchases off campus.
    • If you live with individuals who are not part of a University’s regular testing regime, please encourage them to be tested through the free public health system on the same regularity as you and ask them to follow the same protocols as you. . 

Reminder Return Testing Information for Students Who Left Campus

As shared earlier

  • On-campus residents who departed the University for the self-quarantine period must have a negative PCR (not serology) COVID-19 test* with a specimen taken within 3 days of your return to campus.  
  • Continue to self-quarantine while home between the time the test is taken and your return. 
  • If the result is delayed, you will need to wait for the negative results before returning to campus. 
  • Students will submit their test results via their myCU checklist and will then be notified with a clearance after the results are reviewed. 
  • If you went home to a state that is noncontiguous to New York, please see this guidance : 

* Results from rapid PCR/molecular testing are permitted. Antigen or antibody-based tests, including rapid tests, are not acceptable forms of testing. Students should consult their provider prior to testing to confirm the appropriate testing will be administered. 

“A season of loneliness and isolation is when the caterpillar gets its wings. Remember that next time you feel alone.” — Mandy Hale

If you have any questions about this communication, please contact and/or me.  

Kelly Chezum
VP for External Relations
Restart/Rebuild Communications Lead 

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