Housing Lottery Spring 2021

Dear Students:

We understand that everyone is excited about room selection for the next academic year.  We are very excited to have our buildings full again, and working with all of you in the residence halls. These are difficult times, and our staff have been working to provide you with the best possible Housing Lottery experience possible.

The housing contract will be available via myCU on Monday, March 15 at 8:00am.  

  • To receive your lottery number, you must complete your Housing Contract in myCU.  
  • You may access this by logging into your myCU account and selecting the housing link located at the bottom left of the main page. You will need to choose the 2021 – 2022 academic year.

Due to the circumstances surrounding COVID-19, the Housing Lottery will be virtual (Zoom) this year to give access to students who may be in quarantine/isolation, studying remotely or away from campus. Below is information that you will need to know to prepare for Housing Lottery:

  1. Housing Lottery Number (average group number for apartments & mixed cohort or individual number for students without roommate request & same cohort roommate requests).
  2. All students must have their FULL name and Housing Lottery Number as their Zoom ID.
  3. University Policies surrounding student housing.

Apartment Style Housing:

  1. All students who have a group who would like to reserve an apartment will need to complete the appropriate Multiple Selection Form on Knight Life.
  2. All Multiple Selection Forms are due by March 26, 2021 at 4:30pm through Knight Life (https://knightlife.clarkson.edu/)
  3. MULTIPLE SELECTION: Apartment assignments will begin on March 29 at 5:00pm. Students may sign-up in groups of 2, 3, 4, 6 or 7, regardless of their cohort. Once the group size is decided the group must submit the “Multiple Selection Form” on Knight Life. Students may only apply for two group sizes. Placement is based on an average of the collective lottery numbers. Groups cannot be increased or decreased in size after submitting an application.  Only the primary contact of the group will be invited to select the housing location for the group.

Ham/Pow Housing:

  1. FIRST YEAR STUDENTS: If you receive a “high lottery number”, you may be interested in the “Ham/Pow Plan” which allows you to choose a double room in Hamlin-Powers without attending the lottery; by doing so you will avoid a long wait. The rooms on the fourth floor and center core of Hamlin Powers are not available for pre-lottery selection. You may sign up for up to 6 blocks of rooms with friends, the form will be available via Knight Life on March 15. 
  2. The Ham/Pow Plan Multiple Selection Form can be found on the Residence Life page within Knight Life (https://knightlife.clarkson.edu/).
  3. The Ham/Pow Plan Multiple Selection Form will be due on March 26, 2021 at 4:30pm.  

Cohort Housing Lottery:

If a student in any cohort does not participate in either process listed above then that student will use their individual Housing Lottery Number to select housing.  Below is the complete schedule of events for Housing Lottery:


All Housing Lottery events will take place via Zoom. Each cohort will be given a Zoom link to sign in via email prior to your time slot. It is VERY important you only sign-in during your time slot as described below.

March 29: Lottery Night #1 beginning at 5:00pm (Groups Selecting Apartments (Riverside, Woodstock, Townhouses & Hamlin/Powers Plan). 

Groups that qualify to select an apartment will be contacted with Zoom and link and ranking based on averaged lottery numbers. The Primary Contact of the group will be the ONLY student invited to select the housing location.

March 31: Lottery Night #2 (Individual Lottery Numbers 1- 250 at 5:00pm, 251-500 at 6:00pm, 501+ at 7:00pm)

Lottery Numbers 1-50 at 5:00pm

Lottery Numbers 51-100 at 5:10pm

Lottery Numbers 101-150 at 5:25pm

Lottery Numbers 151-200 at 5:35pm

Lottery Numbers 201-250 at 5:45pm

Lottery Numbers 251-300 at 6:00pm

Lottery Numbers 301-350 at 6:10pm

Lottery Numbers 351-400 at 6:25pm

Lottery Numbers 401-450 at 6:35pm

Lottery Numbers 451-500 at 6:45pm

Lottery Numbers 501-550 at 7:00pm

Lottery Numbers 551-600 at 7:10pm

Lottery Numbers 601-650 at 7:25pm

Lottery Numbers 651-700 at 7:35pm

Lottery Numbers 700+ at 7:45pm

April 3 : Lottery Day #3 (Individual Lottery Numbers 1000 – 1250 at 9:00am, 1251-1500 at 10:00am, 1501+ at 11:00am, Individual Lottery Numbers 2000 – 2250 at 1:00pm, 2251-2500 at 2:00pm, 2501+ at 3:00pm)

Lottery Numbers 1000-1050 at 9:00am

Lottery Numbers 1051-1100 at 9:10am

Lottery Numbers 1101-1150 at 9:25am

Lottery Numbers 1151-1200 at 9:35am

Lottery Numbers 1201-1250 at 9:45am

Lottery Numbers 1251-1300 at 10:00am

Lottery Numbers 1301-1350 at 10:10am

Lottery Numbers 1351-1400 at 10:25am

Lottery Numbers 1401-1450 at 10:35am

Lottery Numbers 1451-1500 at 10:45am

Lottery Numbers 1501-1550 at 11:00am

Lottery Numbers 1551-1600 at 11:10am

Lottery Numbers 1601-1650 at 11:25am

Lottery Numbers 1651-1700 at 11:35am

Lottery Numbers 1700+ at 11:45am

Lottery Numbers 2000-2050 at 1:00pm

Lottery Numbers 2051-2100 at 1:10pm

Lottery Numbers 2101-2150 at 1:25pm

Lottery Numbers 2151-2200 at 1:35pm

Lottery Numbers 2201-2250 at 1:45pm

Lottery Numbers 2251-2300 at 2:00pm

Lottery Numbers 2301-2350 at 2:10pm

Lottery Numbers 2351-2400 at 2:25pm

Lottery Numbers 2401-2450 at 2:35pm

Lottery Numbers 2451-2500 at 2:45pm

Lottery Numbers 2501-2550 at 3:00pm

Lottery Numbers 2551-2600 at 3:10pm

Lottery Numbers 2601-2650 at 3:25pm

Lottery Numbers 2651-2700 at 3:35pm

Lottery Numbers 2700+ at 3:45pm

Roommate Matching:

If you are having trouble filling your apartment and or finding people to live with for next year, the Residence Life Office has put together a Find My Roommate form which can be found below. Based on the answers, we will email out contact information for similar responding students to hopefully help you initiate contact to find people with similar living styles or interests to you. This form will close as of noon on March 24th. If you received any similar responses from students we will email them to you in the afternoon of the 24th. Please note multiple selection forms are due on March 26th. 


~The Residence Life Team 

If you have any questions please contact the Residence Life Office at (315)268-6642 or reslife@clarkson.edu

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