Clarkson University Master of Arts in Teaching Program Has 100 Percent Job Placement

Clarkson University’s Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program has posted a 100 percent placement rate for its 2021 graduating class. This is the program’s sixth straight cohort to have 100 percent placement, dating back to 2016.

Members of the Class of 2021 celebrate at the Commencement Ceremony for the Education Department held at Proctors Theatre on Saturday, Jun 12, 2021

“It is so rewarding to see our graduates fulfill their dream to become teachers,” said Education Department Chair Catherine Snyder. “Each year, we welcome a new cohort of candidates into the program. And each year, as candidates progress through their work, they shift from being our teacher candidates to being our colleagues.”

Snyder believes the success of Clarkson’s MAT program lies in its full-year teaching residency, as it allows students to experience the full academic year as part of their master’s degree.

“This prepares them for their careers, and employers recognize that depth of training in job interviews,” she said.

Snyder said schools are actively seeking qualified candidates to fill teaching positions, which means now is the perfect time for anyone considering a teaching career to begin pursuing the necessary education. 

According to Snyder, teacher retirements are up 30 percent over previous years, partly due to an aging workforce, but also because many educators have opted to retire early when faced with the changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“This situation opens so many opportunities for a new generation to make a real difference in their classrooms and in the field,” she said.

A broadening in the scope of schools’ curriculums is also driving up demand for educators.

“Teachers are needed in a wider variety of content areas and levels,” Snyder said. “This includes teaching students for whom English is not a first language, and teaching computer science, business, and other much-needed career skills.”

While much of the conversation surrounding the need for more teachers is focused on math and science programs, Snyder said the demand for world language teachers is also increasing consistently.

“There is such a shortage in this area that schools are having to shut down programs,” she said. “Individuals interested in teaching German, French, and Spanish, in particular, will find a wide-open job market.”
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