Participants needed for Biometrics Research Study

Dr. Daqing Hou, Clarkson University, performs research in the area of biometrics and is looking for subjects willing to participate in his research efforts.  You must be >18 years of age and hold a valid Clarkson ID to participate.  The project involves the study of continuous human computing activity, specifically widget interaction, keystroke and mouse activity on a Facebook newsfeed profile as a means of human authentication.

If you choose to participate, we can set up a zoom meeting or communicate with you via email.  There are no special in-person meetings for the data collection since it will be conducted virtually. Facebook usage data (widget interaction, keystroke and mouse dynamics) will be collected by installing a software in each participant’s computer (with his/her permission) and will be maintained on a secure computer server by Clarkson university personnel. You will be given a task to view your own Facebook newsfeed profile.  This task involves hovering over your Facebook newsfeed page to see your friends, news etc. as you would normally do at your own personal time. In this process, the installed software program on the computer will record your widget interaction, keystrokes in comment form and mouse movements (three modalities), but no personally identifiable information will be recorded.

If you choose to participate, your involvement could include at least 15 minutes of Facebook usage per days for eight days while our web extension is run in the background. Subjects successfully completing the study will be compensated for $40. Refusal to participate or deciding to discontinue participation at any time will involve no penalty or loss of benefits to which you are otherwise entitled.

We will send a short video clip to train you about the data collection process. Each participant will be required to install our software on his/her own computer. There will be no harm done to your computer or you personally as a participant.

If you are still interested in participating, please email us at Simon Khan <> with days and times that you are available to discuss how to participate in our research.  Simon Khan will respond back to you to set up an appointment.   

Your email address has been obtained from the Clarkson University’s office of News & Digital Content Services.

This biometric collection protocol has been approved through the Clarkson Institutional Review Board.  Approval #: 21-39

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

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