Important Information Regarding COVID-19 Isolation

As a follow up to the prior announcements sent regarding Fall 2022 COVID-19 protocols, we are reminding you that students who test positive for COVID-19 are required to: 

  1. Report their positive test to the Student Health and Counseling Center at
    • Students do not report positive tests or the need for isolation to the Office of the Dean of Students.
  2. Immediately begin their isolation period at an off-campus location.
    • Clarkson has extremely limited isolation housing available only for residential students whose homes are outside of a 500-mile radius of campus. Availability is not guaranteed.
    • All students whose primary address is within 500 miles are required to leave campus for their isolation.
  3. Visit the St Lawrence County Public Health website to report a positive at-home test or to obtain an isolation order.
  4. Notify close contacts that they tested positive for COVID-19.

Students are encouraged to speak with their families now to discuss an isolation plan. It is not recommended that students wait until they have COVID-19 to make an isolation plan.

Students are expected to communicate directly with instructors regarding their absences. Only in the event a student is so ill that they are physically unable to communicate with their instructors will a Notification of Absence be provided related to COVID-19. Per III-F. Attendance in the University Regulations, instructors are encouraged to be reasonable in making these accommodations. Review the Regulations for additional information related to requests for Notification of Absence.

Clarkson continues to follow the guidance, information, and directives from the New York State Department of Health and relevant county public health departments regarding COVID-19 protocols. For more information regarding Clarkson’s COVID-19 policies, visit

If you have any questions or concerns related to COVID-19, please contact the Student Health and Counseling Center at or 315-268-6633.

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