Ransomware Prevention

The threat of ransomware is impacting educational institutions across the nation (and close to home). This note is intended to give you some practical steps that you can use to protect your data and the University.  Ransomware attacks are designed to infect computers and encrypt computer files until a ransom is paid. After the initial … Continue reading Ransomware Prevention

Campus Wireless

A reminder as you prepare for your arrival on campus: personally owned wireless access points (or routers) are not permitted in on-campus housing or academic buildings. The University provides wireless in all campus buildings and the use of personally owned access points can interfere with the quality of the University-provided service. Instructions for joining the … Continue reading Campus Wireless

Share Your Feedback on the Redesigned University Website

A little over a month ago we launched a redesign of the University’s main website. With this redesign, we streamlined and cleaned up the look and feel of the site to make it more visually appealing and easier to navigate.  We removed the looped video, shortened the length of the homepage and made backend improvements … Continue reading Share Your Feedback on the Redesigned University Website

Faculty: Use Technology to Let Your Students Attend the Career Fair

Clarkson University Spring 2019 Career Fair is coming soon.  Dozens of companies will visit and your students are eager to meet with them face to face. If instructors wish to release students from class so they can attend Career Fair in person, but don’t want to lose valuable class time — know that there are … Continue reading Faculty: Use Technology to Let Your Students Attend the Career Fair

How to Spot a Phishing Email

The Office of Information Technology has been alerted to a recent increase in suspicious email activity, including reports of people receiving fraudulent emails coming from what appears to be a familiar Clarkson name or department. These types of emails are known as “phishing” which is this practice of sending emails that appear to be coming … Continue reading How to Spot a Phishing Email

Annual Copyright Policy Notification

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Clarkson University is committed to the protection of intellectual property and copyright. Actions that deliberately infringe on copyright and other intellectual property rights are inconsistent with the Clarkson Values and a violation of the Clarkson University Information Systems Acceptable Use Policy. Such actions will not be tolerated.