Invitation to Participate in a Graduate Healthcare Student Research Study


You are receiving this email because you are a student, staff, or faculty member at Clarkson University.  Your email address was obtained with the permission of the Dean of Students and the Vice President for External Relations.  Our names are Nathan Smith and Tanner Davis.  We are second year PA students, and we would like to invite you to participate in our research project.

The title of this research is Facebook Use and Its Effects on Psychosocial Health. This survey is completely anonymous.  Your name will not be collected, and the survey will not be linked to the computer that you use. It consists of 23 short, multiple-choice questions concerning aspects of your quality of life and Facebook use.  It will be preceded by 3 questions to gather demographic data.  It should take about 10-30 minutes to complete. Participation in this survey is completely voluntary and greatly appreciated. If you have any questions you may email us at smithna@clarkson.eduor

Thank you for your time.

Link to survey:

IRB approval number: 19-08

IRB contact:
Dr. Christina Xydias
Chair of the Clarkson University Institutional Review Board for Human Subjects Research

Phone: (315) 268-3988

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