Clarkson Ignite Podcast Aims to Connect Clarkson Community

A new podcast at Clarkson University intends to connect individuals across Clarkson’s diverse community and provide listeners with interesting and unique content.

The Clarkson Ignite Podcast, run by senior Matt Hawthorne, will touch on a wide variety of people and events in the Clarkson community. The bi-weekly show runs about 15 to 30 minutes per episode.

“The main idea behind the podcast was, there are a million events on campus,” Hawthorne said. “We are a tiny school, but we do a ton of really awesome stuff. But it is impossible for anyone in the campus community to really know exactly the caliber of stuff that goes on here.”

Joining Hawthorne is junior Nick Lacasse, who helps with episode planning, interviews, and editing. Hawthorne said his partner helps bring balance to the program.

“I can be known to take things too seriously, and having him bring a little laughter and levity to the podcast is something that can’t be underestimated,” Hawthorne said.

Clarkson Ignite is meant to bring different disciplines together at Clarkson, making it the perfect platform for discussing content from all different corners of campus.

Hawthorne said making the information available in an on-demand way makes accessing it easier for those interested.

“We have a ton of speaker series, we have professors who might give talks on their research or go to conferences, but you have to physically be there to understand what they’re talking about,” Hawthorne said. “I just wanted a way for students, faculty, staff, parents, and alumni to be able to go to iTunes or Spotify and find out what is really cool that is going on at Clarkson right now.”

The first three episodes of the podcast are currently available. In the most recent episode, Mechanical Engineer-turned-entrepreneur and Clarkson alumnus Damilola Adepoju discusses how he utilized his principles of engineering design and his passion for problem-solving to create a shoe like no other. He, Hawthorne and Lacasse talk about his journey, having to put his passion on pause, and all the ups and downs that go with starting your own business.

The Clarkson Ignite Podcast is available on Spotify, iTunes, and

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