First Year Seminar Winners

​Each year students in the First Year Seminar (FYS) complete a final project around contemporary topics. This year’s topics included Media, Global Citizenry, Service Learning, Sustainable Solutions, Structural Inequalities, and Innovation. The FYS Staff is proud to announce this year’s winner and honorable mention…

The Winner is FYS SECTION 66!

Students: Robert Boll, Graham Coates, Cullen Kerchner, Trevor Mosley, Declan Reagan and Evan Turner

Topic: Sustainable Energy Goals at Clarkson: How to be More Efficient

Peer Educator: Reese Swedberg  

Master Peer: Bre Hamilton 

Honorable Mention goes to FYS SECTION 83 💐

Students: Miranda Conduit, Ryan McCarthy, Alexa McKee, Breanna Schremmer and Kyle Stottlar

Topic: Structural Inequalities in STEM Institutions

Peer Educator: Corinne Bernd  

Master Peer: Anthony Bertocchi 

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