Bonfires in campus forest

Rogue fire pits in the Clarkson forest are illegal. Clarkson University is within the limits of the Village of Potsdam. Fire pits in the village require a permit or variance from the Village of Potsdam Code Enforcement Office. 

The firepit in this photo was recently found unattended and smouldering. Fires like these have led to substantial forest fires in Clarkson’s 400 acre forest. If you know where to look you can see the char at the bottom of large trees from these previous fires. 

There is one village-sanctioned / legal fire pit in the Clarkson woods. It is located by the CUOC lean-to. There is a sign posted with information for the fire. There is also a bucket, shovel, and rake provided at that pit. The fire must be completely extinguished before leaving it. 

If you find a rogue firepit in the forest please report it immediately to campus safety and security. These rogue firepits threaten both our forest ecosystem as well as our privilege to have a legal bonfire location on campus. 

Please, Leave No Trace when you are recreating in the forest. 

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