Clarkson Trudeau Biomedical Scholars research presentation, 4/30 at 9:00AM

Dear colleagues, students
You are invited to hear the Spring ’21 cohort of Clarkson Trudeau Biomedical Scholars present the results of their term integrated research project on influenza vaccines. This is scheduled to take place at the Trudeau Institute this coming Friday April 30th at 9:00AM, but Clarkson students and faculty are welcome to attend remotely using the following Zoom link:
Students interested in participating in the Clarkson Trudeau Biomedical Scholars program are particularly encouraged to attend!
Please note that you can also view the posters presented by this semester’s cohort of Trudeau scholars for the 2021 spring RAPS at the following links:  
Combination TLR Agonists to Induce Cross Protective Immunity
The Effects of Combinatory Adjuvants in Vaccine Development

Many thanks,

Damien Samways, PhD

Clarkson Trudeau Biomedical Scholars Program coordinator, Clarkson University

Deborah Brown, PhD 

Manager, Joint Educational Programs, Trudeau Institute


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