Clarkson University Physics Grad Student Recognized

Robert Stanton, a Clarkson University physics graduate student, received second prize in last month’s Excited States and Nonadiabatic Dynamics CyberTraining Workshop. The prizes are based on students’ project presentations and coursework documentation.

Robert Stanton

Stanton is part of the research group of Assistant Professor of Physics Dhara J. Trivedi and works in the area of host-guest interactions in metal-organic framework with applications weighted toward healthy world solutions. 

“Robert has contributed to four research publications and was recognized with the 2020 graduate student award by the American Chemical Society,” says Trivedi. “This workshop prize is a significant achievement for a student in his field.”

Stanton, a Massachusetts native, graduated from Bridgewater State University with a degree in physics. After finishing his Ph.D. at Clarkson, he hopes to continue in academia, pursuing a career in research.

The workshop had more than 55 participants from all across the world, including Harvard, UC Irvine, IIT Bombay, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, University of Bremen, and ETH Zurich.

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