Participants sought for research study on understanding the relationship between object weight and how people lift objects

You are receiving this request as part of a campus-wide announcement on recruitment for this study. We are seeking participants for a research study on measuring and learning the relationship between the weight of objects, and how humans interact with objects by lifting them. We are looking for male and female individuals in the age range 18 and above, that have no known upper limb disability or injury that interferes with curling, grasping, and lifting, and that have no injury to fingers on either hand. 

The study will take two visits with a separation of at least 24 hours and no more than 48 hours between visits, with the study being an hour and a half on both days. Participants will complete a demographics questionnaire and will take part in a set of experiments involving lifting four boxes of varying weights. Participants will be recorded throughout using FLIR PointGrey cameras, Azure Kinect cameras, and Viento-G thermal sensors to gather data on lift time, lift height, lift speed, pressure through heat transferred, body pose, and hand pose. The study will enable us to design robots that are aware of how strenuous it is for a person to lift an object in an office, home, or warehouse, and that intervene to provide the person with assistance. Participants will receive a $25.00 Amazon gift card upon completing both visits.

To reach us for the study, please email Natasha Banerjee at The Clarkson IRB approval number for this study is 21-03.1 and the contact information for the Clarkson IRB office is via email, and (315) 268-3764 via phone.

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