Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Science Seminar

Dr. Stephen L. Craig

William T. Miller Distinguished Professor of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry
Duke University
will speak on

Covalent Mechanochemistry for New Reactions, Stronger Materials,

and Soft Devices

The direct coupling of mechanical forces in polymers to covalent chemical reactions has
opened new opportunities in chemical reactivity, stress-responsive materials, and
mechanochemically active soft devices. This talk will describe how some simple concepts,
including fundamental physical organic principles that are familiar to chemists, can be used
to expand the mechanophore toolbox. Speculation for emerging areas of opportunity will
be presented.
Prof. Steve Craig received his undergraduate degrees (B.S. in Chemistry, A.B. in Math) from
Duke in 1991. After a year at Cambridge (M. Phil.), he began doctoral work at Stanford,
where he received his Ph.D. in 1997. Following his Ph.D., he took a position as a Research
Chemist in DuPont Central Research until early 1999, when he moved to a postdoctoral
position at The Scripps Research Institute. In 2000, he joined the Department of Chemistry
at Duke, where he is now William T. Miller Professor of Chemistry. His research interests
bridge synthetic organic, physical, and materials chemistry. A primary theme is that of the
rational, molecular design of materials — using the principles of physical organic and/or
supramolecular chemistry to develop new materials.
Friday, October 22, 2021

3:30 pm

212 Bertrand H. Snell Hall

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