COVID-19 Read: NYS DOH and Public Health Releasing Updated Policies / Booster Appointments on Campus and Tips for Getting COVID-19 Tests Prior to Arrival

In this communication:

  • Updated Vaccination/Booster and Isolation/Quarantine Policies from NYS DOH/ Public Health Based on CDC Information
  • Booster Appointment Locations 
  • Testing Sites/ Tips for Finding COVID-19 Tests Before Arrival

Clarkson Community,

We look forward to welcoming you back to campus this month and starting classes on time and in person on January 13.  Please continue to follow the return to campus policies for testing and boosters posted last month.  

Updated Policies from NYS DOH/ Public Health Based on CDC Information

Yesterday afternoon, New York State Department of Public Health and County Public Health Departments released updated policies on who is required to quarantine based on exposure to positive COVID-19 cases and updated isolation and quarantine procedures in line with the information the CDC issued last month.  Click here to read NYS DOH’s most recent information, .

As it relates to the newly released information, Clarkson’s Spring Semester requirement for students and employees to submit documentation of a COVID-19 booster shot based on when you are eligible for a booster shot will mean that if boosted you will NOT have to automatically quarantine for minimum of 5 days when exposed to a positive case.  (Per new regs, persons not fully vaccinated or who are eligible for a booster but not yet boosted will be required to quarantine for minimum of five days based on exposure.)  In this most recent update, Public Health officials can also now shorten the isolation period to five days for those who test positive but are not exhibiting symptoms.  

Booster Appointments

Under the FAQ on our COVID-19 information pages for the Spring Semester,  we provide a list of all of the places you can get a booster shot in NYS and where to submit your documentation.   New York State has been adding vaccination clinics recently to new locations so it is good to check back in if you are still needing to find an appointment.

College Connector Bus:  For the Potsdam campus, the Associated Colleges of St. Lawrence Valley are working with the “College Connector Bus” route to take students to booster shot locations in Canton and Potsdam. Clarkson students can ride any County Transit Bus by showing their ID Card.  When boarding each bus as shown below, please tell the driver where you need to go: .

  • For Canton and Potsdam Vaccination sites (see 12/30 communication and FAQ pages for links to each one)
    • Kinney Drugs in Canton or Potsdam –  Ride or connect to any of the buses 
    • Walgreens Potsdam – Ride or connect with the SUNY Potsdam Bus
    • Price Chopper – Ride or connect with any of the three College buses (Clarkson, SUNY Potsdam, SUNY Canton) depending if you want to go to Potsdam Price Chopper or the Canton Price Chopper
    • St. Lawrence County Government Building  (80 State Hwy 310, Canton)- Ride or connect with the SUNY Canton Bus. Departs Walmart at 5 after the Hour  The St. Lawrence County Government Building has appointments Mondays (Pfizer Booster) and Tuesdays (Moderna Boosters).  While the County asks for appointments, they have told us they will try to fit in student walk-ins during the booster clinic hours.  Please refer to their website for the documentation you will need to bring with you. 

Tips for Getting COVID-19 Tests Prior to Arrival

Under the FAQ on our COVID-19 information pages for the Spring Semester, we provide information about where to find COVID-19 testing across the country and how /where to submit your documentation.  New York State is opening up additional testing sites at numerous SUNY campuses.

For antigen tests /at home-tests that are available in local drug stores/online sites some are keeping these tests behind the pharmacy counter to limit the quantities that go to each customer, so you may need to be proactive in soliciting them.  Stores like Walmart with pick up centers for advanced orders are also fulfilling those first.  

Everyone needs to get a negative COVID-19 test result before returning to their Clarkson family unit and a booster shot based on individual eligibility.

Thank you.

COVID Response Team 

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