CURE 2022 Wrap Up

CURE 2022: Community and Leadership

Clarkson faculty, staff and graduate students met this week for the third CURE event of 2022. Full recap below. The CURE Coordinating Committee sends out a terrific thanks to speakers, guests and participants of this month’s CURE activities. More than 50 participated as we met new people, learned of important projects, and gained a deeper experience of this community called Clarkson. Interest has generated efforts to extend CURE with events slated for later this year. All members of the Clarkson community are invited to engage, ideas and energy welcome. Reach out to a committee member, contact info below.

Recap from CURE on June 22: Potsdam Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Kurstin Stowell and Assistant Director Megan Mulvenna shared news of business development and upcoming events from around the local Potsdam community. Highlights for those looking to get out, timing is right for Summer Fest (Jul 14-16), Potsdam’s largest annual event. Coming this Monday is a peek at Potsdam’s new Pert House, offering accommodations for overnight guests, weddings and more. More about ways to connect and volunteer with the business community on Potsdam Chamber website and Facebook.

Members of the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) program at Clarkson University, Lt Col Michelle Baxter, Maj Phillip White ’12, and Capt Ryan Kittle, led CURE participants in a team building exercise designed to hone leadership and problem solving skills. The CURE participants persevered and in the end saved the day. Lessons and laughs were had by all! More about AFROTC.

Potsdam Chamber representatives shared news of upcoming events and business news, followed by an immersive team building exercise hosted by AFROTC leaders/instructors.

If you are Clarkson faculty, staff or graduate student and we missed you in June, no worries. More CURE is in the works. Stay tuned and be encouraged to jump in with your ideas and energy.

Hosted by CURE Coordinating Committee:

  • Ben Galluzzo, Associate Professor / Head of the Clarkson School / Associate Director Institute for STEM Education,
  • Alex Cohen, Associate Professor of Political Science / Associate Director of Faculty Support,
  • Laura Perry, Director of Academic Technology and Support,
  • Kate Mikel, Associate Director & Tutor Coordinator, Student Achievement Services,

Sponsored by Institute of STEM Ed, Teaching & Learning Corner and more.

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