Clarkson Assistant Professor Honored with Three Awards on University Recognition Day

Clarkson Assistant Professor of Law Joseph Andriano has been awarded the Faculty Teaching Excellence Endowed Fund in Honor of Dr. Robert John McGill and Dr. Nye Smith Award, the Phalanx Commendable Service Award, and the Phalanx Commendable Leadership Award. In addition, Andriano was also inducted into the Phalanx Society, Clarkson’s highest honorary society.

Joe Andriano

“As a faculty member here at Clarkson, my greatest commitment has always been to making Clarkson the best place it can be for our students,” Andriano said. “I was honored to receive awards both for teaching and service. It is incredibly humbling to be recognized by my colleagues and our students for the time and effort that I have put into enhancing the life of the university, both inside and outside the classroom.”

Andriano teaches business law, employment law, business ethics, and serves as the pre-law advisor. His interests include the intersection of law and parliamentary procedure in small and medium-sized businesses and non-profits, alternative dispute resolution, judicial systems at colleges and universities, and restorative justice. Andriano is deeply committed to public service and has brought his legal expertise to a variety of projects. He is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Armenia), has served on the Board of Directors of Windsor County Partners (a youth mentoring non-profit), helped to found a community radio station in Vermont to support community resilience in the wake of Hurricane Irene, served as a member of the Board of Directors of Traditional Arts in Upstate New York, Inc., and is a member of the board and former President of the Potsdam Food Cooperative. In addition, last year Governor Andrew M. Cuomo appointed him to the Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority Board of Directors, and focuses on community and economic development issues in Northern New York.

“I believe that service to others is one of our key duties as human beings, that we ought to do everything we can to make our communities the best place that they can be,” Andriano said. “I feel like these awards are a recognition and endorsement of that philosophy. All the awards given at University Recognition Day are, at their core, about Clarkson’s values: teamwork, caring, integrity, vision, diversity, service, growth and diligence. I was honored to stand up next to so many other students, faculty, and staff who were being recognized for their commitment to those values as well.”

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