Clarkson’s Global Alumni Leaders Add 10 New Scholarships to Cover All Tuition Costs

Clarkson Ignite Presidential Fellowship Program Launches Today

Through the continued generosity of Clarkson’s global alumni leaders, Clarkson University announces ten new Clarkson Ignite Presidential Fellows scholarships that will ensure each recipient’s tuition is covered in full at Clarkson for four years of undergraduate study. These merit-based scholarships will be awarded to first-time students entering Clarkson in fall 2020. The application process for these ten awards opens today. 

“Across the University, Clarkson is looking for different students, those who want to innovate, be creative, and ignite passion about everything they do,” said Clarkson President Anthony G. Collins. “We’re seeking prospective students with minds that will challenge every way we do things, while intuitively knowing there is a better way.”

To apply for the scholarship, applicants must submit a video or 200-word essay on the following topic: Clarkson students strive to ignite their passions and turn them into innovations with impact. What passion(s) will you ignite at Clarkson? What innovation(s) do you dream of and what impact will it (they) have on the world?

The deadline to apply for consideration is December 15, 2019 for Early Decision applicants and January 15, 2020 for Regular Decision applicants.

Twenty-five (25) finalists will be selected and notified by February 15, 2020. At that time, finalists will be invited to interview either on campus, via virtual meeting, or by phone before final decisions are made. 

Based on Clarkson’s historical mission to ensure access to a high-quality education and the extraordinary long-standing commitments from alumni to give back for the next generation of students, Clarkson University students were awarded $100 million in scholarship and financial aid last year. Students can also access innovative aid programs like the Lewis Income Share Agreement Program or the Young Innovators and Entrepreneurs Program. Clarkson gives direct assistance to 100% of students who demonstrate federal financial need. A large pool of merit-based and affinity scholarship aid driven by the legacy of alumni donations covers typically 50-to-70% of the yearly tuition costs, which is currently $49,858. Coupled with the noteworthy average starting and mid-career salaries of Clarkson graduates – among the top 2% in the nation — Clarkson continues to be an affordable choice for students who want to pursue a proven technological education. 

Clarkson alumni gain rigorous experience honing the mindset and skillsets needed to make sense of complex systems, to ignite connections across people and disciplines, and to develop creative solutions to today’s most vexing challenges. One in five is already the CEO, owner, or senior executive of a company. 

For further questions, please contact the Clarkson University Office of Undergraduate Admissions at 800-527-6577 or Visit for more information.

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