NYS Mandated Quarantine-Info for Out of State Students

Dear Students,

We are looking forward to your arrival in August! Please see below for important information as you make your way to campus. 

Pre-Arrival Information for all students

All students required to quarantine per the NYS Travel Advisory List are required to complete our pre-arrival quarantine form. Receiving this information means that you must complete this form and the following items:

Campus Residents Arrival

For students living on campus, students will check-in at the Student Center Welcome Desk between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm to acquire their residential quarantine room key. 

  • After 4:00 pm, students will need to pick up their keys at Campus Safety & Security in the Educational Resource Center (ERC). The phone number for Campus Safety & Security is 315-268-6666.
  • Students will move all personal belongings into their residence hall quarantine room by themselves. No parents, guardians, or guests may enter campus facilities. Once students have completed their move-in process they must remain in their residential room. Given these parameters, please be mindful of the items that you bring to campus.
  • In all cases, except for construction purposes, students will be in their semester room. 

Off-Campus Student Arrival

For students living off campus, students will move into their residence and proceed to quarantine for 14-days. Please keep in mind that all persons residing with you will also need to quarantine for the 14-day duration. 

  • Students residing off-campus will not be allowed to leave their residence. 
    • If you are residing with others, they need to quarantine in place with you. 
    • Please note, if classes have already begun while you are in quarantine, in most cases you will be able to maintain your enrollment remotely 
    • For groceries / market goods, students are asked to use InstaCart, and other online ordering and delivery service during the quarantine period. 
  • A Care Team Member from campus will be assigned to you to answer questions and to be a resource during the quarantine time frame. The Care Team Member will reach out regularly to speak with you to answer questions, assist with answers to questions, and to just converse with you as you acclimate to Clarkson. 

Transportation to Campus

Students traveling by air to New York State are required to complete the NYS mandated DOH Traveler Health Form no matter where you are coming from. All students traveling to New York State from a restricted state by ground transportation are also required to fill out the DOH Traveler Health Form. At this time, the Trailways bus line has limited services. Trailways will not be servicing any airports in NYS. 

  • Travelers who need to connect with the bus line from an airport will need to take public transportation to the main bus station. For example, students flying into Syracuse, NY would need to take a taxi to 1 Walsh Circle Ste 30, Syracuse, NY 13208 to pick up the bus to Potsdam, NY. 
  • Students taking the Trailways Bus Service are asked to depart at the Constitution / Depot St. stop in Potsdam. Currently, Trailways is not stopping on campus. We have arranged with the village bus service to get students from that stop to campus on the following days:
    • August 1
    • August 16
    • August 17
    • August 18

The Trailways bus arrives at the Constitution / Depot Street stop at 10:20 AM and 9:10 PM. The village bus will pick you up shortly after that time and bring you to campus. The cost of this transportation is free. Please have your student ID ready to be shown when you board the bus. If you are a new student, please explain that you are new and do not have your ID yet. 

Students arriving outside of these dates should have local taxi service phone numbers on hand or know the locations of the village bus stops.

  • Taxi Zero – 1-315-262-04444
  • Potsdam Taxi – 1-315-268-8868 or 1-315-212-5617

For those students living off-campus, you will need to call Public Transit at 315-386-2600 two business days in advance to set up First Mile Last Mile to get from the bus stop on Constitution/Depot Street to your off-campus address. This program is available Monday-Friday and also on the dates listed above. 

Please remember that masks are required for all public transportation.

Quarantine Activities

Several offices across campus will be planning and hosting virtual events for students throughout the quarantine period, so keep an eye on your email for details! This list is also a great place to start if you’re looking for ways to keep busy. Residence Life programming is in progress and you’ll have met many of your classmates virtually before arriving on campus. Feel free to continue to connect with them virtually! We will also be sharing a list shortly detailing the different activities that will be happening each day. 


Before students come on campus for the Fall semester, they will need to undergo COVID-19 testing with RT-PCR (not serology). This must be scheduled to be performed within 7 calendar days prior to arrival on campus (e.g. no earlier than July 25 for August 1 campus arrival; August 10 for August 17 arrival, etc.). Students with a positive test prior to arrival will not be allowed to be present on campus in person. Results from rapid RT-PCR/molecular testing are permitted. Antigen or antibody based tests, including rapid tests, are not acceptable forms of testing. Students should consult their provider prior to testing to confirm the appropriate testing will be administered. 

Students residing off-campus must have their test and result within 7 days prior to the first day of class or the first date they expect to be on campus.  (i.e. no earlier than August 12 for August 19 campus arrival). Students will submit their test results to Student Health Services through myCU before arrival on campus. Through our partnership with St. Lawrence Health System (SLHS) and the MIT-Harvard Broad Institute, we plan to test the student body again after they arrive approximately 7 to 10 days after the specimen from their first test was collected. We realize that some states, and countries, have limitations regarding availability of testing. If you encounter this situation, please contact reslife@clarkson.edu

Mail Services

Students may receive mail and packages during the quarantine period. 

  • Please mail items to the Student with the following mailing address format:

Student Name
10 Clarkson Ave
CU Box # (student’s individual box number + the letter Q, example CU Box #8400 Q),
Potsdam, NY 13699. The Q is only required on items to be received during this quarantine period.

  • Deliveries will be dropped off in the building. Due to volume, the delivery cycle may take approximately 48 hours. 

Items to Bring

All students are asked and reminded to bring a thermometer, hand sanitizer, and multiple masks with them. The University will provide all students with one mask. Students are encouraged to bring snacks, drinks, etc. with them as well. On campus residents that do not live in apartments are encouraged to bring a small fridge and microwave. The University has a limited supply of these appliances and for those that requested these items during the quarantine period, the University will have them in the rooms prior to arrival per the information form. These appliances are not available for off-campus residents. For students living off-campus, all questions regarding living space, appliances, and other amenities should be discussed with your landlord / apartment complex manager. 

We realize this is a new process for everyone. Please reach out with any questions. Most of all, I hope that you are eager to start your semester at Clarkson University. 


Brian Grant

Vice President for Enrollment & Student Advancement 

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