A message from CUGSA before the graduate forum on Thursday, 6th August 2020

Hello everyone,
We hope all of you are doing well and eagerly anticipating your return to the campus.

In the last few weeks, a number of graduate students have reached out to us with the issues related to graduate students’ life and Potsdam campus reopening. We have discussed all of these issues i.e Facility fees refund, the recent increase in facility fees, issues with COVID-19 testing, safety concerns of the graduate students who work as TA, etc. with the administration with an aim to find an acceptable solution. We would like to thank the CU administration and our advisors for their willingness to listen to our concerns and effort to find an acceptable solution.

It would be important to mention that not all of these issues can have a quick resolution and we have agreed to host a graduate forum with all the graduate students of CU Potsdam campus to discuss the potential resolutions of these issues and come to an agreement. The link to the virtual forum has already been sent to the graduate students, you can also find the link below. Please register and join the forum. You would receive the zoom link after you register for the forum.

Link to register for the forum:https://clarkson.zoom.us/j/96859882655?pwd=cEszTWMvbGUyOW80WEhkTnpzWWxIUT09
We understand the feelings of the graduate students towards the recent facility fees increase and their concerns related to the facility fees. We would request the graduate students to join the forum and voice their concerns in the forum. Hopefully, at the end of this forum, we would be able to come to a satisfactory resolution. We have prepared a google sheet comparing the facility fees of CU and other universities in the northern NY region, please take a look. It might help you understand the facts that would be discussed in the forum.

Link of the google sheet:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bIHD_ZEG8wsMcHtuhydxxE-pVwh1bm5I45NQOabGqiY/edit?usp=sharing
Thank you and see you on Thursday.

Sandip Purnapatra
Clarkson University Graduate Student Association (CUGSA)

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