Moving to Stage 3 in our Reopening Plan

Clarkson Community,

With true Clarkson spirit and work ethic to get the job done right, you are doing great at keeping our University and greater North Country community safe and healthy.

Per our earlier communication on reopening in stages and policies for non-essential gatherings, events and group activities, we are moving to Stage 3 effective today, Monday, September 21.  While we still encourage virtual events and meetings, during Stage 3 most clubs and organizations can also expand in-person gatherings to up to 25 people. Employee and department meetings will remain virtual.  

  • Clubs and organizations should use the event registration form on Knight Life to request to reserve appropropriate space. Inclusion of faculty and staff advisors at events is encouraged. The new Adirondack chairs distributed throughout campus also make for great ways for groups to gather outside.  
  • Club sports and clubs that offer outdoor activities, with approved safety plans in place for Stage 3 that follow the NYS Interim Guidance for Sports and Recreation, will begin to roll out.  Club sport and outdoor activities leaders are required to attend a Safety Plan Information Session prior to submitting a plan for approval. Student leaders can reach out to Kristen Avery at to request a Safety Plan Information Session.
  • Refer to for more detailed information.

This Friday, September 25, a breadth of additional programming is offered from IGNITE to residence life and more with the goal to stay on campus/in the region as we originally communicated over the summer as an alternative to fall break.  Classes remain officially scheduled for the day with many faculty offering alternative plans to take advantage of these programs as part of a supplemental COVID-19 curriculum. 

Moving to Stage 3 is well-earned by our Golden Knights, but from any review of external media your result of no active COVID-19 cases in the last three weeks is not universal at campuses around the State and nation, and can rapidly change.  Please keep supporting the health and safety protocols put into place in the reopening plan — like wearing a face mask over your nose and mouth, practicing social distancing, and limiting travel within the North Country — to protect you and your community. 

As a FYI on a statewide front:  New York State has issued a COVID-19 dashboard on all NYS colleges and universities that is updated daily –   We are continuing to monitor the regional COVID-19 dashboard and deploy random COVID-19 testing within the University community as well as introducing wastewater-based surveillance systems this week with a civil engineering class under the direction of Prof. Shane Rogers.  

If you have any questions, please contact

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