Incomplete Grade Reminder

As the end of the semester approaches, you may be contacted by students seeking an incomplete grade in your course. Here are some important reminders about incompletes:

An incomplete (I) is a temporary grade given only when a student is unable to complete a course by the end of the term due to extenuating circumstances that are beyond the student’s control. In order to receive an incomplete grade, the student must submit a request for one electronically, via myCU. Students can access the request form by logging into myCU and clicking on the “Forms” tile on their KnightHub homepage. An overview of the process can be found here

The assigning of an incomplete grade is entirely at your discretion.

o   Incompletes should not be given if the student is failing the course

o   An incomplete grade should only be given in the case of extenuating circumstances.

Whenever possible, the deadline for work completed should be prior to the start of the fall term.

If a request is approved, the Registrar’s office will assign the incomplete grade to the student. If you do not approve a request for an incomplete, you should submit the grade earned by the student. 

Once all work is completed, a change of grade form must be submitted to our office to record the student’s official grade. If a student does not complete the work required for the course, a grade of F will be recorded.

The regulations governing incomplete grades can be found on page 14 of the Undergraduate Regulations, and page 19 of the Graduate Regulations.

Please contact the Registrar’s office at if you have any questions or concerns!

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